Special Events

In the last 20 years of Maskerade Manor being open we have gone from just renting costumes to doing special events. For many years now we have done local parades, fairs and festivals, birthday parties, themed weddings and more...

Local Parades

We have taken part in helping local parades by supplying them with mascot costumes and face painting the clowns.

Fair and Festivals

We start every year going to the Kinsmen Carnival at the end of May and ending with the Cambridge Fall Fair in September. Face painting and temporary tattoos are the start of what we offer at the fairs.  We have expanded from that to now offering fun things to buy that may deal with our Hallowe'en store.  From t-shirts to home made crafts to our new nail stamping product. So come out to our local fairs and you may see us there painting faces on little happy kids.

Themed Weddings

In the past we have attended local wedding shows to promote our costume store and what we have to offer to the couple looking to do have their wedding out of the ordinary.  We not only have costumes for their special day but we also offer special decor for the regular wedding to the more exotic weddings. Such weddings that we have supplied our costumes and decor to are Medieval to historical to what ever you can think of.